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The Shadow Journals

Smoke and Hellfire

Keep calm and call an exorcist.

Most people don’t believe in the supernatural—at least until a ghost starts making the walls in their house bleed. That’s when they call Bea Romo Reyes. She’s my best friend and roommate, and she works as a freelance exorcist and paranormal consultant. Meeting her plunged me into a supernatural world both wonderful and terrifying, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But there’s something Bea’s not telling me, and her secret might be more dangerous than the demons she’s hired to exorcise.

Smoke and Hellfire contains four episodic, novelette-length stories.

Other Urban Fantasy Books

Poison and Honey

Dark and Otherworldly, Book 1

She hunts the fae. The last man she should fall for is a cunning fae prince.

Poison and Honey Cover
Sting of Thorns Cover

Sting of Thorns

Dark and Otherworldly, Book 2

She’s been cursed by the queen of Otherworld. Now the only one who can save her is the man she betrayed.

The Cruelest Curse

Dark and Otherworldly, Book 3

When dark forces threaten Otherworld, she’ll have to join forces with her enemies to save the kingdom… and the prince.