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The Shadow Journals Encyclopedia: Maggie Greenfield

Welcome to The Shadow Journals, an urban fantasy universe of arcane magic, supernatural monsters, and badass heroines. Let this encyclopedia be your guide to the heroes, villains, and mysteries of the series. Study it well, and maybe you’ll learn enough to survive.

Maggie Greenfield

Full name: Maggie Winifred Greenfield

Occupation: freelance web designer

Special abilities: witchcraft

First appearance: The Scent of Brimstone

As the chronicler

Maggie is the writer/narrator of The Shadow Journals. After Bea’s as-yet-unspecified disappearance, Maggie begins recording their cases together as a tribute to show how many people she’s helped.


Maggie was raised by her grandmothers, Iris and Gail. Iris, a witch, taught Maggie the craft. Though fascinated by what she was learning, Maggie struggled to perform spells and came to lack confidence in her abilities. Iris passed away before she could help Maggie overcome this hurdle.

Maggie joined a local coven in hopes of improving her craft but found them prejudiced and elitist, driving her to quit. She then began tutelage under Silvia Callaghan, an old friend of her grandmother’s.

When Silvia died in an exorcism gone wrong, Maggie tried to banish the demon from the Callaghans’ house but failed. This led her to contact Bea Romo Reyes. After successfully destroying the demon, the two became friends and roommates, Maggie joining Bea on her cases to gain more experience in witchcraft.


Maggie is awkward and self-conscious but friendly. She’s not naturally brave but tries her hardest when facing supernatural threats with Bea. Her hobbies include gardening and playing video games.


Maggie uses a variety of herbs, crystals, and other components in her spells. She wears charm bracelets for protection and always carries teabags in her purse for emergencies.


He probably thought I was a weird new-age hippie. (Which… to be fair, wasn’t wrong.)

Maggie in “Smoke and Brimstone”

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