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The Shadow Journals Encyclopedia: Bea Romo Reyes

Welcome to The Shadow Journals, an urban fantasy universe of arcane magic, supernatural monsters, and badass heroines. Let this encyclopedia be your guide to the heroes, villains, and mysteries of the series. Study it well, and maybe you’ll learn enough to survive.

Bea Romo Reyes

Full name: Beatriz Maria Romo Reyes

Occupation: freelance exorcist and paranormal consultant

Special abilities: can conjure and control hellfire

First appearance: The Memory of Ghosts


Bea’s origins are mysterious. She’s originally from Texas, where her mother still lives, and she performed her first exorcism at the age of seventeen. But she refuses to share the exact nature of her powers or how she came to know so much about the supernatural.

Bea traveled the country, living in a van until she was hired by Maggie Greenfield to exorcise a demon from a friend’s home. She and Maggie became roommates and friends, and Maggie’s house in St. Augustine became Bea’s residence for most of the year.

Bea specializes in exorcising demons, but she also deals with ghosts, hunts monsters, and handles other paranormal problems for clients. (She does not take jobs about Bigfoot, as specified on her website.) She supports herself by taking on supernatural cases until an unspecified event causes her disappearance shortly before Maggie begins chronicling their adventures together.


Bea is tough and often intimidates people. She curses a lot and cares so little about what people think of her that she often comes off as rude. Despite this, she’s a kind person who cares deeply about protecting people from supernatural threats. Fighting things that go bump in the night means she keeps late hours, and she can often be found sleeping into the afternoon. Her favorite way to blow off steam is hitting a local dive bar to chug beer and pick up men.


Bea’s powers are her main tool, but she also uses various equipment to help with her jobs. The most useful is probably her pendulum, which swings to point her in the direction of the strongest source of supernatural energy.

She carries salt for drawing protective circles, manacles for restraining victims of demon possession, and mirrors for banishing malevolent entities. Everything is kept inside her van.


I’m gonna make that demon go corporeal and then punch it in the face.

Bea in “Smoke and Brimstone”

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