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5 Urban Fantasy Ebooks that are Free Today

Have you used up your book budget for this month? Have no fear! Here are some urban fantasy books that caught my eye and are currently free to download.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Prices change, so make sure to double-check before downloading.
  • I haven’t read all of these books personally (yet) and selected them based on the cover and blurb. Please read the reviews and excerpts before downloading.

Darkness Unknown (Beshadowed: A Supernatural Urban Fantasy Book 1)

by Selina A. Fenech

Darkness Unknown Ebook Cover

They lied.
Werewolves, vampires, ghosts … they aren’t what you think.

After the death of her mother, Everly goes back to her eerie hometown with a plan to get in and out as quick as possible.

Step one, clear out the family home and antique store.
Step two, avoid thinking about her past and the boy who broke her heart.
Step three, watch him die at the hands of a nightmarish monster.

Wait, what?

That wasn’t the plan. But it was just a dream, wasn’t it?
As the evidence mounts that what she saw was real, a broken heart is the least of her problems. Because now his body is missing, and his soul is trapped in her dreams.

Everly’s hometown is crawling with dark secrets and nothing is as it seems. Can she work out the mysteries in time to save the only man she’s ever loved?

Darkness Unknown is the first book in the Beshadowed series by Selina A. Fenech. If you’re looking for urban fantasy with a plus-size heroine, shifters with a twist, slow burn romance, and a satisfying mystery, you’ll love Beshadowed.

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The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: A Devilishly Funny Urban Fantasy Romance (Nava Katz Book 1)

by Deborah Wilde

Unlikeable Demon Hunter Cover

Enjoy this sexy, funny paranormal series by best-selling urban fantasy author Deborah Wilde…

The Brotherhood wants her gone. The demons want her dead. Not bad for her first day as a Chosen One.

When Nava Katz half-drunkenly interrupts her twin brother’s induction ceremony into a secret supernatural society, she doesn’t expect to accidentally torch his life-long dream and steal his destiny.

Horrified she’s now expected to take his place, Nava is faced with the one thing she swore off forever: a purpose.
The all-male squad isn’t cool with a woman in their ranks and assigns her to Rohan Mitra: former rock star and their most ruthless hunter. He may be the perfect bad boy fling with no strings attached, but what happens when he won’t let her run—not even from herself?

That might prove as dangerous as defeating the vengeful demon out for her brother’s blood.

Odds of her new teammates expecting her to fail? Best not to think about that.

Odds of her succeeding out of spite? Dive into this complete urban fantasy series and find out.

Featuring a snarky heroine, kickass action, and spicy romance, this hilarious adventure sucker-punches you in the heart when you’re not looking.

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Resurgence (Demon Spring Book 1)

by S. Usher Evans

Resurgence Cover

From bestselling author S. Usher Evans comes a brilliant urban fantasy series about a demon hunter struggling to reclaim the man he once was and the demon who might just save him. Fans of Jim Butcher and Kim Harrison will enjoy this unique take on overcoming demons – both real and imagined.

Demons are real – and walk amongst us every day. At the International Coalition for Demon Management, agent Jack Grenard knows this better than most. The scion of a demon hunting family, his career was on an upward trajectory until demons brutally murdered his wife.

Three years later, he’s restarting his life in Atlanta with his partner Cam, dealing with low-level demonic lords and keeping the peace. But looming in the distance is Demon Spring, the breaking of the barrier between our world and the demonic one that occurs every four years. No one knows when or where it will occur exactly, but the unlucky city will be ravaged for a fortnight by monsters and mayhem.

Jack has it on good authority that the schism will occur far from Atlanta – that is, until he comes across a human-saving demon who seems to be keeping a secret. She’s enigmatic and dangerous, but Jack is inexplicably drawn to her. But as the days tick closer to Demon Spring, Jack wonders if she’s simply a distraction or something much more deadly.

Get swept away in an intricate world of monsters and mayhem that RT Reviews calls, “a brilliant start to a promising urban fantasy series.” 

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Jack of Thorns (Inheritance Book 1)

by AK Faulkner

Jack of Thorns Cover

“The thrill … will keep readers flipping pages well past the point where they probably should have gone to bed.” – Stephani Hren for IndieReader

Laurence Riley might be able to see the future, but he can’t see a way to fix his messed-up life. He can’t control anything—not his supernatural talents, not his drug addiction, and not his violent ex-boyfriend. Laurence needs help and he knows it. A lifelong pagan, he turns to his god… and he gets Jack. Jack can help Laurence tame his powers and take control of his life. But it comes at a price: Laurence will need to keep him fed with regular offerings of sex. For the old Laurence, that would’ve been a pleasure. Problem is, Laurence has met Quentin.

Quentin is devastatingly handsome, way out of Laurence’s league (like British nobility levels of out-of-his-league), and unbearably chaste. If that weren’t enough to keep Laurence away, Quentin’s wild telekinesis is even more uncontrollable than Laurence’s precognition. But Laurence doesn’t want anyone else, and Jack is getting hungry.

Then Laurence foresees a glimpse of Jack’s true plan. It will leave a trail of death across San Diego–and Laurence has been helping him do it. The past has taught him that the future can’t be changed. But if Laurence and Quentin can’t stop Jack, there won’t be any future at all.

Jack of Thorns is the first book in a dark urban fantasy series where X-Men meets The Magicians.

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Mystic Memories: A Paranormal World Novella (Paranormal Times Book 1)

by CC Solomon

Mystic Memories Cover

Their memories were stolen but what they forgot could get them killed.

Felix Gonzalez was fine navigating the post-apocalyptic world not knowing his past and the magic behind his newfound powers. As long as he had food and his friends, he was happy.

Then he met her.

Francesca Ross hated that a chunk of her life was missing from her mind, leaving her directionless. Which was probably why she found herself engaged to a king of the underworld. When she finds an escape from her impending nuptials, she goes on the run to find answers to her past and meets a man that might change her future.

However, you don’t run from a demon king and expect to stay alive. Can the pair search for the truth about their missing past while evading a king from Hell? And could the truths they uncover upset the balance between good and evil?

Find out in Mystic Memories, the latest spin off novella in the Paranormal World universe. Look for the sequel, Dark Hauntings, in the spin off series, Paranormal Times. Out now!

If you like Supernatural and the Kate Daniels series, then you’ll enjoy this paranormal romance filled with action, chemistry, angels and demons.


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