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Letters to the Exorcist: This Painting is Haunted

Evil spirit haunting your house? Demon possessing a friend or family member? Call Bea Romo Reyes, freelance exorcist and paranormal consultant.

This is a look at her inbox.

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To: romoexorcist@protonmail.com


Subject: Haunted Painting

Dear Ms. Romo,

First off, I want to say that I’ve lived in the same apartment with the same two roommates for two years, and we’ve never had any kind of paranormal activity before. But then about a month ago my roommate Michelle brought home a painting to hang in our living room. She says she got it cheap at a thrift store.

I thought it looked kind of creepy but just figured Michelle had bad taste. Here’s a picture:

Haunted Painting

Ever since it’s been here, weird things have been happening. I hear footsteps going up and down the hallway at night. Sometimes someone knocks on my door, and I open it, thinking it’s one of my roommates, but no one’s there. (I don’t open it any more when that happens.) And then there’s a voice laughing randomly. It’s a deep male voice and doesn’t sound like anyone who lives here. It’s not coming through the walls from our neighbors’ apartments either.

My other roommate, Jenna, has heard the weird noises too and wants the painting gone, but Michelle thinks we’re just having nightmares and wants to keep it. What do you think we should do?


Kiara [Redacted]


From: romoexorcist@protonmail.com

Subject: Re: Haunted Painting


I think you know what you should do: get that painting out of your apartment. Toss it in a dumpster, or better yet, bring it all the way to your local garbage dump. If you can, toss black paint on top of it first so the painting isn’t visible anymore. Then find a metaphysical store either in town or online and get some incense–something like frankincense, myrrh, or amber–and burn it in your apartment to cleanse and protect it.

If that doesn’t get rid of the spirit, call me, and we’ll set up an exorcism.


Bea Romo Reyes

Freelance Exorcist and Paranormal Consultant

If you’re looking for a longer story featuring Bea, check out The Memory of Ghosts.

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