3 thoughts on “Beautiful Green Urban Fantasy Book Covers

  1. Love the added vibe of the green eyes on some of those covers! As for my fav green covers, I’m going with…*clutches my Super Sophisticated Grown Up card*…BSC Mystery 12: Dawn and the Surfer Ghost and Sweet Valley Kids 49: Jessica’s Mermaid. Oh, and Song of the Wanderer by Bruce Coville. And Sarah’s Unicorn, also by Bruce Coville. 😅

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      1. Isn’t it??? I love the nighttime colors and the overall medieval tapestry/illustration vibe. As for the card, mine is like the images on the Chocolate Frog trading cards; sometimes it’s there and sometimes it walks off somewhere. I tend to scare it off with my sparkly mermaid crowns and refusal to make my bed every other morning.

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