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5 Free Paranormal Christmas-Themed Ebooks

Merry Christmas! If you’re anything like me, you like to read holiday-themed books this time of year. If you’d like to add some festive magic to your to-read list, check out theses paranormal Christmas-themed ebooks that are currently free. Stock up your ereader and dive in!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Not all of these deals are permanent, so make sure to double-check the price before downloading to make sure the sale hasn’t expired.
  • I haven’t read all of these books personally and selected some of them based on the cover and blurb. Please read the reviews and excerpts before downloading.

Christmas Magic

by Alexandra Moody

Christmas Magic Cover

Clio’s mission in life is simple: keep her unique powers hidden and avoid other magical beings at all costs. Sounds simple enough. But, when a group of murderous dark elves attack her, keeping a low profile becomes a little more complicated.

To make matters worse, she’s now adopted an unwanted defender. His name is Dash — a reindeer shifter who’s as irritating as he is handsome. He wants to protect her. She wants him to take his rather large antlers and fly on back to the North Pole. But when magical creatures are being killed, and no one knows why, she has no choice but to trust him.

They’ll need to work together if they want to find this group of killer elves. But can Clio keep the nature of her powers hidden when Dash is watching her so closely? Or will her secrets unravel as the danger escalates and her magic becomes the one thing between them and disaster?

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Christmas Spirit

by Morgana Best

Christmas Spirit Cover

Live. Laugh. Lava.  
Prudence Wallflower is a human volcano, and like Pompeii, she is about to blow.
But hot flashes are only one of Prudence’s problems. She is a clairvoyant … who has never seen a ghost. Despite Prudence connecting people with their deceased loved ones through the impressions she receives from the dead, her professional reputation is on the edge of eruption.
But when the ghost of a gorgeous detective appears and demands Prudence solve a murder, it’s her romantic life, not her reputation, which is about to explode. 

Christmas Spirit is Book 1 in the Prime Time Crime Paranormal Women’s Fiction Mystery Cozy Mystery series from USA Today Bestselling author, Morgana Best. 

All Morgana Best books are humorous, feel-good stories. All are free from bad language, physical intimacy scenes, and all things gruesome.

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Jingle Spells

by Heather Marie Adkins, Brittany White, Jennifer Laslie, Sidonia Rose, Sammi Cox, K. Laslie

Jingle Spells Cover

JINGLE SPELLS: A CyberWitch Press Short Fiction Anthology

Jingle Spells is a feel-good holiday collection of witch-themed tales, from a witch hunt at the winter solstice, to a Christmas dinner in danger of being ruined by an imp. Here you will find a sparkly pair of shoes holding one woman’s destiny, and a magical, mystery-solving cup of latte. Meet a broken young woman unaware of the powers she possesses, and a teenage boy with the fate of the world on his shoulders.

Featuring short stories from veteran authors Jennifer Laslie, Sidonia Rose, and Heather Marie Adkins, and introducing Sammi Cox, Brittany White, and K. Laslie. Sit back with a steaming mug, light up the fireplace, and enjoy these six tales of magic, mayhem, and love.

Solstice Flames by Jennifer Laslie
A Midwinter Manifestation by Sammi Cox
The Witch’s Shoes by Sidonia Rose
Molly by Brittany White
Holiday Dreams by K. Laslie
The Witch’s Brew by Heather Marie Adkins

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Christmas Kisses: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance Anthology Kindle Edition

by Amy Lee Burgess, Dominique Eastwick, Jennifer Hilt, Rosalie Redd, Bethany Shaw, Melissa Snark

Christmas Kisses Cover

A shifter’s mate is in the stars… but sometimes that rugged alpha hero or sassy heroine is waiting under the mistletoe for his or her one true love.

Christmas Kisses is a boxed set of ALL NEW short stories set in Zodiac Shifters, a collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Our world features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors.

Warning: Christmas Kisses is all about the sexy Zodiac Shifters who made Santa’s Naughty List this holiday season. And it’s our gift to you… because we’re soooo nice!

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The Reluctant Familiar’s Guide to Christmas Tree Defense

by Bethany Hoeflich

The Reluctant Familiar's Guide to Christmas Tree Defense Cover

After a traumatizing pumpkin spice candle accident, Mr. Fluffykins is looking forward to a quiet night curled up under his Christmas tree.

Unfortunately, life has other plans . . .

The Reluctant Familiar’s Guide to Christmas Tree Defense is a humorous short story meant for entertainment purposes only. It is not an actual how-to book to help you ward your tree against goblins, elves or sprites. If you are experiencing an infestation of malicious beasties, please contact your nearest magical pest control as soon as possible

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