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New Urban Fantasy Ebooks that are less than $5

Looking for some new urban fantasy books? Here are a few that have come out this November and have pretty covers and descriptions that caught my eye.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Prices change, so make sure to double-check before downloading.
  • I haven’t read all of these books personally and selected them based on the cover and blurb. Please read the reviews and excerpts before downloading.

This post contains affiliate links.

Diabolical Sword: An Urban Fantasy Mystery

by Melissa Erin Jackson

Diabolical Sword Cover

A sentient sword. An artifact collector. A whole world of trouble.

My name is Harlow Fletcher, and I’m a charm collector.

As the daughter of bounty hunters, I know more about the criminal underbelly than the average citizen of Luma, California. But when my dad’s work got him killed, and my mom skipped town, I swore off the profession for myself. I should have chosen a safer, completely unrelated career—like accounting. Instead, I fell into the lucrative gig of freelance charm collecting. I have a knack for finding rare artifacts, namely illegal magic-laced weapons, and I use that skill to sneak into criminals’ homes after the police have carted them off for their latest infractions. Once I’ve helped myself to the contraband, I sell it to the highest bidder.

While looting my latest victim, a gorgeous sword catches my eye. My gut tells me it has dragon magic coursing through its blade—and I have the perfect buyer in mind for it. I regret my decision to steal the sword within minutes: the weapon is alive. It’s lightning-quick and has an anger management problem, but it’s taken a shine to me.

When the sword takes off one day, I’m relieved to have it out of my life. I’m less relieved when the police show up at my door, accusing me of murder. While I’m in the middle of explaining that I didn’t commit the crime, the diabolical sword floats into my apartment, covered in blood.

Now we’re on the run, with bounty hunters and government-trained feline shifters hot on our trail. Somehow, I have to prove my innocence while the sentient murder weapon sticks by my side.

I really should have been an accountant.

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Cambion’s Law

Cambion's Law Cover

by Erin Fulmer

Lawyer. Demon. Lily Knight is both—half-human, half-succubus, and utterly dangerous.

Lily protects her secret and the safety of those around her by abstaining from the skin-to-skin contact that would grant her superhuman powers. An ambitious criminal prosecutor, she’s all work and no play, determined to prove herself in the courtroom to atone for the ex-lovers she’s left for dead in her past.

But after a fellow succubus turns up murdered and the police arrest an innocent man, Lily discovers evidence of a supernatural killer stalking the foggy San Francisco streets. And when human justice falls short, she launches an unsanctioned investigation to find the real culprit.

To stop the killer, she must embrace the full power of her heritage and risk the soul of the handsome suspect she can’t help but fall for. Can Lily face her true nature without losing her humanity—or will she become the monster she fears most of all?

If you love Richelle Mead, Lisa Edmonds, or Seanan McGuire, discover a paranormal mystery series complete with a fierce heroine that will have you begging for the next book!

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Stone Magic: Counterfeit Psychic

by Thea Atkinson

Stone Magic Cover

She’s a fraud. She’s a crook. But she’s no killer. Even if she’s being framed as one.

When three well-known psychics are murdered in her city, Brie Duncan starts to wonder if pretending to be magical is such a great idea after all. She’s no witch, but she does make good money using her fake powers to read her clients’ futures. Money that’ll do her no good if she turns up dead next.

So far, she’s managed to keep up the pretense, but when a gruff detective enters her shop, she fears she’s about to get busted. Unfortunately, his reasons for being there are far worse than she imagines.

Since she’s a member of the psychic community, he thinks she should be able to provide some insight into the murders and the victims. The trouble is, all the evidence seems to point in one direction, and unfortunately for Brie, those roads all lead to her…

If you’re a fan of Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs, The Counterfeit Psychic series will check all your supernatural binge-read boxes.

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The Forgotten Guardian (The Geomancer’s Apprentice Series Book 2)

by Yin Leong

The Forgotten Guardian Cover

Some secrets are better left buried …

The old, abandoned temple near Chinatown is one of Washington, D.C.’s best-kept secrets. It is dilapidated and its gods have been forgotten. However, something may still remain. Two homeless people are killed on the grounds while a developer is trying to raze the buildings. Now construction workers keep walking off the job.

The developer calls in feng shui practitioners Joe Tham and Junie Soong to speed up the demolition process.

It’s been months since the geomancers cleansed the Kalorama house. Junie is getting to know her newfound abilities. Joe has big plans for their business even as he continues to probe the suspicious circumstances of his father’s death in 1981.

Joe is surprised when his long-lost half sister turns up. His mother Elsie pays a visit next. Elsie has something of grave importance to tell him that cannot wait any longer.

And as Joe and Junie delve into the temple’s mystery, they learn the truth may be far more shocking than they ever imagined.

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Champagne & Commitments: A Faery Bargains Novella

by Melissa Marr

Champagne & Commitments Cover

The next installment in a new faery and fanged world written by the author of the internationally bestselling Wicked Lovely series…for readers of Patricia Briggs, Chloe Neill, and Jeaniene Frost.

Half-dead witch Geneviève Crowe makes her living beheading the dead–and trying to make sense of accidentally ending up a faery princess when she ended up bonded to Eli Stonecroft, a faery prince in self-imposed exile in New Orleans.

But bonded for eternity isn’t enough for family and friends–or her future citizens. It’s time to plan a wedding ceremony.

Unfortunately there isn’t enough champagne available to deal with an undead-great-grandmother, a faery king who’s trying to romance Gen’s assistant, and a city where Halloween is a holiday worth dying to enjoy.

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Wayward Moon (Souls of the Road Book 2)

by Devon Monk

Wayward Moon Cover

A deal with a god comes with deadly strings attached…

Lovers Brogan and Lula Gauge have traveled the haunted byways of Route 66 for almost a hundred years. Their deal with the god Cupid has brought Brogan back to life, but the return to the living world hasn’t been easy for him. What’s more, that deal left them deeply indebted to the god.

Now the god is demanding his due.

To honor their side of the deal, Brogan and Lula must find what Cupid wants found. The god hasn’t given them much to go on other than: find the rabbit that is not a rabbit. Do the right thing.

If the right thing involves facing down feuding werewolves, banishing vengeful ghosts, and venturing into the deep, ancient caverns beneath the Missouri hills, then Brogan and Lula might be on the right path.

But lurking deep within those caverns is an evil older than the gods. It is clever. It is waiting. It is hungry.

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A Dragon Walks Into A Bookstore

by Sorcha Mack

A Dragon Walks Into A Bookstore Cover

Evvie Drake may be a dragon, but she’s awkward and offbeat at the best of times. She just wants to build a quiet life in the magically liminal town of Twilight, California, and maybe figure out how to flirt with Isa, the cute owner of the independent bookstore that Evvie frequents.

But something about the author at the latest signing event feels off. He smells like rust, he’s leaving almost-invisible tar all over his books, and he has a history with Isa. Isa may think she has to deal with him on her own, but she’s about to learn what it’s like to have a dragon like Evvie in her back pocket.

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