A Steamy Excerpt from The Dark and Otherworldly Omnibus

“Kiss me,” Leigh said.

He leaned down and obeyed… and it wasn’t at all like she expected.

Leigh was used to hard, hungry kisses that tasted of cheap alcohol and lust. Dredarion’s was gentle and testing. He touched her face with one hand, tilting up her head to give him better access to her mouth, and his gloved thumb softly brushed her cheek. His lips coaxed, and his tongue explored, neither of them cruel nor demanding as she’d thought they’d be. He kissed her as though she were a priceless treasure, precious and fragile. Was this really the same man who spun plots like a spider and had threatened to kill her if she betrayed him? Did he kiss all his lovers like this?

Or just her?

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He made a short noise of surprise, struggling to regain his balance as she attacked his mouth with hers. She gripped his hair, taking pleasure in disheveling it as she sucked greedily on his tongue. He grabbed her waist, pulling her closer, and why, oh why did he have to wear gloves? She wanted to feel his skin against hers.

She had to pull back for a brief second of air. She was breathless, her heart pounding, and she stared at him in amazement before he descended upon her mouth again. Her body melted like warm butter, and she leaned into him. She had to think about the logistics of this. His bed was miles away. They’d never make it. She wanted him now.

Someone rapped politely on the door.

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy, Release Date: September 30th, 2021

Book Description

Leigh Morgan has one mission: to stop the fae who abducted her sister from ever kidnapping another human again.

Dredarion Rath wants one thing: to disgrace his older brother and prove himself the worthier heir to Otherworld’s throne.

When their paths cross, it changes everything, and neither Otherworld nor the human realm will ever be the same.

Three romantic urban fantasy novels; one darkly enchanting volume. The Dark and Otherworldly Omnibus includes:

Poison and Honey

She hunts the fae. The last man she should fall for is a cunning fae prince.

Sting of Thorns

She’s been cursed by the queen of Otherworld. Now the only one who can save her is the man she betrayed.

The Cruelest Curse

When dark forces threaten Otherworld, she’ll have to join forces with her enemies to save the kingdom… and the prince.

Read Dark and Otherworldly and enter the captivating realm of Otherworld… if you dare.

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