By Earth Book Review

By Earth by T. Thorn Coyle is a Down-to-Earth Urban Fantasy

By Earth Cover

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Book Description

The new witch in town. A man with ghostly baggage. To protect her new home, she’ll need to battle corruption with magic.

Cassiel moved to Portland to escape the literal ghosts of her past. But when the nervous witch meets a handsome construction worker named Joe, the last thing she wants is to get an earful from the guy’s dead girlfriend. As Joe’s ghostly former squeeze shares a conspiracy theory about evictions throughout the town, Cassiel can’t hide her shock when she gets her own notice to pack her bags…

With the help of a local coven, Portland’s newest witch must discover the secrets hidden by the town’s most powerful members. To keep her apartment and protect her fellow residents, Cassiel must embrace her magical powers before a devious force makes her just another ghost…

By Earth is the first spellbinding book in The Witches of Portland series of paranormal urban fantasy novels. If you like fast-paced plots, real-world issues, and a dash of charming romance, then you’ll love T. Thorn Coyle’s magical series.

Discover By Earth to break the spell of corruption today!

My Thoughts

Sometimes you want an urban fantasy novel that’s really out there. Talking cat sidekicks. Dragons climbing skyscrapers. Witches using magic to conjure pizza. The wilder and less realistic the better!

But sometimes you want a story that’s a little more grounded, and that’s when you should read By Earth. This is a fantastic urban fantasy novel with a realistic portrayal of magic. The witches here aren’t throwing lightning bolts or turning people into toads. They’re writing cantrips, burning candles, and using herbs to craft subtler magic.

And their enemy isn’t a vampire or a zombie horde or anything like that. They’re fighting a much more true-to-life villain: a greedy developer forcing people out of their homes and covering his illegal activity with a combination of bribery and murder.

We all know villains like that. We see them on the news all too often, and it makes it reeeeally satisfying when The Witches of Portland take the bad guy down.

If you’re looking for a book with a lot of fight scenes, this isn’t the right story for you. But it’s a great book if you’re into any of the following:

  • character development (Cassiel starts off afraid of her powers and needs help from her friends to finally embrace it.)
  • found family involving a coven of witches who support each other no matter what
  • sweet, slowburn romance (Joe is so shy at first. It’s adorable.)
  • ghostly mysteries and psychic sleuths

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