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6 Side Hustles for the Magically Inclined

We could all use a little extra cash.

As the cost of living steadily rises and wages stay largely the same, many people are turning to side hustles to pay their bills. Starting a small business on the side is easy, but making a significant profit is much more difficult.

Fortunately, if you’re reading this, you already have an advantage over the average person: magic. Whether you’re an amateur hedge witch or a centuries-old vampire, you have more options than you might realize when it comes to earning money.

Here are six ideas to try.

1. Selling Charms and Potions

Not everyone can craft an effective charm or brew a powerful potion, and even those who can sometimes prefer to buy premade ones for convenience’s sake. Who has the time to pick deadly nightshade when the moon is full or simmer mermaid tears in a cauldron for hours?

If you have a talent for creating amulets, tonics, or other concoctions, consider setting up an online store or opening a stall on weekends at your local market. As you gain regular customers, it can create a nice bit of steady income each month.

2. Donating Raw Materials

Do your potions flop and charms fail? No worries. You can still make a buck selling ingredients to those who do make them. Werewolf fur is a key element in hair growth potions, so why not trim a few patches next time the moon is full? Naga skin is highly prized and easy enough to save after you shed. Not sure what you have to offer? Browse classified adds and potion makers’ forums to see what’s in demand.

While it may seem daunting to sell your blood to a vampire or your childhood memories to a mage, it’s an easy way to make some cash. Just make sure you’re dealing with a reputable buyer. Check to see if they’re accredited by the Alliance of Magical Businesses or have membership in the Ethical Vampire Association if you’re not sure.

3. Finding a Leprechaun’s Gold

Everyone knows about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but very few people manage to reach it. Perhaps you’ve tried before only to have your target moved ceaselessly farther away. It takes a strong anchoring spell to prevent this from happening and even stronger magical shields to keep yourself safe from a leprechaun’s illusions and bad luck hexes.

This method can be dangerous for the unprepared and should only be attempted after extensive preparation and planning. We recommend Catriona Brannon’s books on the subject or RainbowChaser’s YouTube channel for tips and advice.

Sparkling rainbow

4. Getting a Wish from a Genie

If you’re too busy to work for more money, you can always wish for it. According to the Organization of Extramundane Study and Research, wealth is the second most common wish made by people with genies. (Immortality is number one.) While there are many guides out there for how to properly word a wish to avoid it backfiring, they’re all useless unless you can find a genie.

We suggest searching garage sales and flea markets—especially in the mundane world. Non-magical humans are much more likely to unknowingly have an old ring or bottle with a genie inside. A small seeking spell or dousing rod can help you detect a magical presence amongst all the junk.

5. Making a (Carefully Worded) Deal

If you can’t get a free wish, an exchange is a good backup option.

To be clear, we are NOT recommending you summon a demon or seek out a fae. These are dangerous beings, and dealing with them often results in a fate worse than death for even the most experienced magic users.

That being said, if you do happen to find yourself in a situation where a being from the Underworld or Otherworld is offering you a bargain, choosing your words carefully can sometimes result in a marvelous fortune with only a small sacrifice. We recommend studying contract law extensively before attempting it, though.

6. Learning Alchemy

Alchemy brings a new meaning to the phrase “making money.” If you can turn lead into gold, you’ll never have to worry about paying rent or saving for retirement again.

Creating gold is, of course, a complete mastery of the art that only a handful of people each century manage to accomplish. However, if you set your sights a little lower, alchemy can still be profitable. Silver, platinum, palladium, iridium—there are many other precious metals that are easier to achieve through alchemy and still have a high market value.

Consider taking an intro to alchemy class at your local community college or studying one of the many free tutorials online. An investment of time and effort now can lead to a huge reward later.

Image of potion bottles, candles, and scales

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Excellent article as always! I’ve been thinking about selling my weight-loss potions for a while now. I’ve been brewing them for my wife for years and she says they make the pounds just melt away. One question though. Do you think it’s better to sell from an online marketplace like Imbru or to set up my own store on my website?


I tried #5 and ended up accidentally selling my soul. This list sucks.


@1nAval0n – The article clearly said to choose your words carefully and study contracts. If you didn’t, that’s your own fault.


Dude my uncle’s a leprechaun and that third one is messed up.


The third and fourth ones are messed up. Can we get advice that doesn’t include robbing and subjugating our fellow magical beings?


How about a list called “6 Ways to Curse Corporate for Not Paying You a Living Wage” next? Sounds more useful.


@Graybeard – I’d read that. 👍

[Kristen’s note: If anybody wants to role-play their favorite magical creature and keep this going in the actual comments section, feel free. 😁]

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