Letters to the Exorcist

Letters to the Exorcist: Ouija Board Woes

Letters to the Exorcist is a short story series set in The Shadow Journals universe. It features emails to Bea Romo Reyes, freelance exorcist and paranormal consultant, who was introduced in The Memory of Ghosts.

To: romoexorcist@protonmail.com, November 16, 2016


Dear Ms. Romo,

Do you know anything about Ouija boards? I used one with some friends when I threw a Halloween party, and I thought the “spirit” we contacted was just my buddy Travis messing around and moving the thing. But ever since then, things have gotten weird around the house.

I hear noises even when my wife is out and I’m alone. It gets worse at night, and I’ve been having nightmares about a dark figure. Sometimes I swear he’s standing right by the bed and staring at me. I know that sounds like it’s all in my head, but yesterday we woke up to find the couch cushions shredded and all the books knocked off our shelves.

My wife is freaking out, and I don’t know what to do. I think the board let something into the house. Can you help?



To: [REDACTED], November 17, 2016

From: romoexorcist@protonmail.com


First off, swear you’ll never screw around with Ouija boards again. Those things are the worst.

Next, get out the board and move the planchette to “goodbye.” (Which you should always do at the end of a Ouija board session, not that you need that advice because you’re never going to use one again, right?)

Once you’ve done that, box it up and bury it in the backyard. If that doesn’t solve the problem, email me back and we can schedule an exorcism.


Bea Romo Reyes

Freelance Exorcist and Paranormal Consultant

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