Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Blade

This movie was ahead of its time. A Marvel film that came out ten years before Iron Man kicked off the MCU, it was also ahead of the curve when it came to the surging popularity of vampires.

Blade movie poster

I’m stoked about Marvel’s upcoming reboot and wonder how it will compare to the original. It’s been years since I’ve seen the first film, so I’m definitely due for a rewatch.

Hey, Kristen, you say. Maybe you should rewatch it before you write a blog post about it.

Shh gif.

I may not remember every detail, but I remember how it made me feel. This is probably one of the first stories I ever encountered that featured the “badass hunter waging a secret war on vampires” trope, which is a staple of urban fantasy today. I remember being fascinated by the concept and the atmosphere–and a bit disturbed by the violent action and gore.

Cut me some slack. I was in my early teens when I first saw it and was justifiably squeamish.

(Just kidding. I’m in my thirties now and am still every bit as squeamish as I was then.)

I was also super impressed by the female lead, who, mere days after discovering that vampires exist when she’s attacked by one and rescued by Blade, develops a cure for vampirism. 🤯 More brilliant Black scientist ladies in movies, please.

So there are a few special effects that may not hold up too well…

Blade cutting a vampire in half
*clears throat*

…but I remember all the plot points and emotional beats landing. Blade was one of those foundational pieces of media that sparked my love of the genre. I still need to rewatch it, but I’d say it more than deserves its place among the urban fantasy classics.

Do you have thoughts on this movie? Excited about the reboot? Let me know in the comments!

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