The Shadow Journals Book

Welcome to the Shadow Journals

The Shadow Journals is your portal to all things urban fantasy. It offers a glimpse into a world of hidden magic: a troll lurking under the bridge in your local park, the vampires who hang out at that seedy nightclub downtown, or a ghostly face in the window of the apartment down the street. My goal with this website is to give you an escape from reality and help you find your next paranormal book to read.

What kinds of things can you find here? Free short stories, articles about urban fantasy tropes, and bookish news are a few planned features. Want to read something else? Let me know. I’m open to suggestions.

The Shadow Journals is also an upcoming urban fantasy book series about a badass exorcist and an anxious witch who take on supernatural threats. Lots of the stories you’ll find here are set in that universe.

So welcome. I hope you’ll stick around. And watch out for the hellhound in the backyard. He bites.

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